I’m a Dutchman if not an Amishman

Well, among other things but my love of Pennsylvania Dutch cooking shows I am a Dutchman just like my ancestor who fought in the Revolution, Doctor John, was. Sweet and Sours, Ham Pot Pie, all this rich and full of more taste than those who claim, it is so bland, thinks. Poor souls. Never tried the good stuff huh? Commercial is lousy most of the time.

Our local restaurant serves a Pot Pie that is wonderful. It comes in Ham, Pork and Chicken. It use to be all you can eat. Sadly the new owners have modernized and done away with that. They do not serve much of the other traditional food which is a shame.

Next to Chicken Pot Pie, the meal of Pork Sauerkraut and Dumplings is one that will cause the most cravings. We had it every New Years Day. A fast lazy version was Hot Dogs Sauerkraut and Dumplings. The catch was you had to use a good pork hot dog. Those seem hard to find today in those massive racks of hot dogs we see at Walmart. We have gained quantity and lost quality.

It was a simple dish to cook for a busy housewife. You simply put the pork and the sauerkraut on to cook and in the last few minutes you add the wonderful light dumplings. My Grandmother's were so light they almost floated away. I found the secret while my mother was still living. No I am not going to share it here. One must keep something back for the family.

The smell permeated the house. Today we worry about how our house smells. We buy all those lovely devices, candles and other goodies to rid it of odor. Lost in that shuffle of sanitizing smells is the drool factor. We no longer walk into the house and smell something wonderful ready to be set out for us. We keep that to the kitchen. I remember the smell of this wafting up the steps on New Years Morning at my Grandmothers. I knew what we were having for lunch as soon as Grandfather finished milking the cows. It was a hardy meal, not for the salad nibblers. It was a farm meal. You have to work it off. Strong in the PA Dutch community and the Amish community, stretching the meat a bit further.

They don't serve this often however with a little work you can have your own. Here is one sample from its German roots.

Braised Pork Roast and Sauerkkraut with German Spoon Dumplings from In Mamma's Kitchen

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