If you wandered in from the old site, Welcome

This is the new site.  I had put it on hold when Blogger in its infinite wisdom decided after I tagged most of my political site, that I was a spammer.  Indeed.  Sure I am. Not a problem.

They broke something in my account so that the WYSIWYG editing tools no longer display properly on blogger.  It also does some strange things.  So I simply picked up and moved.  First was my political blog, not here btw.  Now it is the recipe/cooking blogs turn to be moved.  

Free is not free when it doesn't work.  Free is also not free when you must pay for it with time you need to spend elsewhere.  So we are at WordPress now.  The posts previous to this have been imported to this site so there is no need to visit Blogger.  

Now.. Let's Roll. 


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