Whoopie.. Pies.. No not just pies, Whoopie Pies

It is beyond me where the name came from. I grew up on my Aunt Ruth’s as well as the local Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish cooks. They aren’t pies but they are rich moist cake cookies filled in the center with an icing that melts in your mouth as you devour the concoction. A kid of any ages treat.

They were everywhere. The most fun of auctions or bake sales was the large tray that would be there of rich chocolate whoopie pies or spice whoopie pies or pumpkin whoopie pies or..well before I eat my desk thinking of them, you get the idea.

They were also simply the best. The store bought confections supplied by Little Debbie or Tasty Cake could never rival a good homemade whoopie pie and had a lot less ingredients that could create various health issues. The store bought treats seemed hard and tasteless after having a homemade whoopie pie.

I grew up on the Crisco based icing that simply melted in your mouth. The marshmallow style filling left a lot to be desired and I can never bring myself to call them whoopie pies. They are fakes. Easier to make but never as good. Still they were one step up from the dreaded Little Debbie.

The compliment is one that any cook will appreciate. 65 year olds will still say “It isn’t like Mom’s or Aunt’s whoopie pies.

I know. I am not at the 65 year old range yet but I can tell you, there is nothing quite like Aunt Ruth’s Whoopie Pies.

I have her recipe and no you can’t have it but I can give you one almost exactly like it. It is found on recipezaar.com. A wonderful site for saving and sharing your recipes or simply saving those you don’t want to lose if you have a premium membership that allows for private recipes. The regular free account allows you to save but you can’t make them private.

WHOOPIE PIES – the REAL deal – Lancaster Co. recipe

oh and did I tell you that they freeze well too? Not an artificial anything in sight. Use Crisco or lard or other shortening. And use the real filling. They will love you for it, if you choose to share. Great for bake sales too. They always sell out.

And btw… This is the rich chocolate version. Dig in. They are fantastic and fantastic memory makers. Just ask any kid of any age. Even the 90 year old ones.

There isn’t anything like my Aunt Ruth’s Whoopie Pies. God bless her.

And for the more tradtional do your heart in Crisco everywhere Whoopie Pie [which is still the greatest]  Try this one.

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