Products that go well with that corn ear.

I know normally I don't blog more than once a week but there are exceptions. Considering I have sat down to a late noon meal of two very nicely done roasting ears, I felt it needful to blog about what I am having with them that makes it special besides the microwave method.

Due to the Other Half's heart problems we eschew butter these days. Ah but everyone is on a health kick and either do the same or preach moderation. It is the in thing like IPods. I have no doubt I am dating myself with that comment. My in thing has always been butter. Good fresh butter. I am one of those who can eat the whole stick, minus the food. Just let me slice and nibble. My mother bought margarine not because of the health reason but because it actually lasted. I was forever sneaking butter. My wildest dreams are to have two large kegs full of milk on the back of a pickup with no shock absorbers and a very bumpy road. The contents after several passes are all mine. Go get your own truck.

So stopping butter was heart rending. Worse than the detox from the coffee and the coke. Then I found something that pleases my heart to no end. Take Control Light Spread. Formulated to remove more fat than it places in. The butter addict in me adores the stuff. It spreads like butter. It tastes like butter. I can munch it off the tip of the spoon just as I did the real thing and my taste buds can't tell the difference. Works on the corn ears and on the bread.

Which brings me to the second thing I am currently munching on. Barley Bread. While hunting the elusive Graham Flour, I asked for and receive a Hodgson Mill catalogue. It is like having a candy store move in to the house. Not only did I find my Graham Flour but I also found a lot of other interesting items. As fortune would have it one of the things I was considering was their barley bread mix for the ABM which for those of you who turn up your nose at it will be please to discover that it also converts to an oven recipe. It also has the bonus of milled flax seed. 400 mg of Omega 3 per serving. Impressive but that wasn't what I found to be impressive.

The first impressive was the fact I actually found it at our local grocery store. They recently built a new store and we have entered the 20th century. I feel as if I am in State College instead of a small out of the way county nearby. The great joy is the 'large' organic natural food section. I admit it is tiny but for here, it is huge. They have a very nice selection of products including Hodgson Mill. I was simply drooling over it. On the shelf sat the Barley Bread Mix. For a bit more than the catalogue but I could try it. So I purchased it. I did some jiggling and kept my fingers crossed. It called for 2 tbsp butter, margarine or vegetable oil. I ignored that. No fat went in. I did add a tsp of vital wheat gluten.

What I ended up with was a wonderful soft bread of good texture with a nice crisp crust, golden brown and smelling so good I was drooling again. I seem to be doing that a lot. I should purchase some dribble sheets or at least a bib but the only one I have is from 40 some years ago and says on one side Today I'm a little Devil and on the other side says "Today I'm a little angel." it was always a bone of contention but it is also another blog story.

The ears of corn are being served with some nice cheese, fresh hot barley bread and a slathering of Take Control on top. I am in low fat bliss.

I do recommend both products. My next big adventure is their cheese bread. I'll let you know how it comes out. They are getting an order for several boxes of the Barley bread. I wonder if there is room in the back of the pickup for the bread maker.. Humm..

A note: no I did not make a mistake on the century. We eventually will get to the 1960s. It will be slow but we will get there. The advantage of living in such a place? The only criminal I have is a baby possum who is breaking into my house to try to eat my dried chickpeas. I may make him pay for the cats trauma when she saw such a large ugly 'rat'. I have no idea who was screaming louder, the cat or the possum.

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