The Cheese Bread and a wonderful salad… Oh dear.

The cheese bread I told you that I would report to you about is done.  It was heavenly.  It vanished in less than 24 hours.  The crust was perfect soft and tender.  The flavor like a very good flavored pizza taste, not too strong nor to light.  

 I again omitted the fat.  No problem.  The rise was perfect, the color a beautiful brown.

Not only are they getting the order for Barley Bread, they are also getting the order for Cheese Bread.

I served it with a thrown together pasta salad which would be another blog completely.  It consisted of using the last of my salad dressings.  Ken's fatfree sundried tomato with a tiny dash of pecan raspberry [also Kens] and a touch of Italian.  I threw on some black pepper and some Mrs Dash Table top.  And had a salad I was facing with some trepidation.  The Other Half took one bite and I was expecting a "What is this?"  or at best the usual "ok"  Instead the first words were "Wonderful!  This tastes Wonderful"

 I served the bread with it and spent half of dinner trying to figure out what I dumped into that salad because I was asked for it again.


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