Fourth of July… Skunk Deodorizer and repellent and a wild life repellent

I do not promise you it will get rid of your brother in law but it might make him smell better. You like your brother in law? Oh.. Well then you can use it on the real things.

Or your brother in law if he has one too many and tries to pet the pretty black and white kitty he found in the woods.

With the Fourth of July, we get up and moving. It isn’t unusual for family picnics, BBQs, Reunions, Beach Parties and tangling with the local wildlife… and I don’t mean Aunt Mary’s third husband. Dogs, kids and drunk brother in laws seem to always find the things they shouldn’t like the local skunk.

The recipes are not harmful to other critters or to humans. They are used by my local wildlife specialist who bless her soul has fostered some pigeons off on me. Cinnamon who she said was the quietest pigeon she ever had. Right. Mr. Mouth from the South who has NOT shut up since I got him in the door several years ago.

Marbella: a lovely marble hen who has the attitude of a playgirl, flirts shameless with my one male pigeon Sweet Pea also know as Oober. In fact when she is in full flirting mode, all my birds including the male parrot and the male cockatiels tongues are hanging out but poor Marbella Marble, Sweet Pea is blind. His tongue is not hanging out.

Sweet Pea, Blind since birth and has no clue. He argues and parties with the best of them.

Heckle and Jeckle who spend all their days swearing at each other and attempting to kill each other through the bars. Move one and the other has a stroke. They must have been the role models for Grumpy old men.

Little Lady Bird, a tiny pigeon who looks cute as a button. She has taken up with the one widower bird I do have called Pudge. They fight like an old married couple. Pudge rings the bell on his cage and she does the best bird imitation of “STOP THAT” I have ever seen. She is now trying to ring her own bell to get even. Yet let Pudge have one of his incidents and she is over at the bars as if to say “Is he ok?”

And Racer, the big large very quiet John Wayne type bird.

Yes, she has given me a few and if you haven’t guessed I do bird rescues. My cockatiels were rescues. My parrots who are currently sitting on 4 eggs are rescues. It is interesting to say the least. Especially to Marble who has a good view of the nutty couple. She seems to think it is insanity. She kicks her freshly laid egg out of the nest as soon as she lays it. None of that Motherhood stuff for a career woman. The one egg she did lay before I got her had to be fostered. She simply won’t deal with children.

In all of this the concern for other critters becomes primary. Once you get to know them and their personalities you have a desire to protect their relations from harm. There is also the desire to make sure that what is used around children and family is safe for them and for you. Does the job and doesn’t harm a thing. What better than a wild life rehabber’s recipes.

When you make these you are cooking on a whole different scale and from the visiting tour around our house last night from Pepe La Pew, it might be needed around here if the neighbors door isn’t careful in his midnight jaunts or the neighbor when he is trying to drag that “darn dog of my wife’s” back into the house.

Wildlife Repellent Recipe

by Carol Martino


1 whole Spanish onion
1 jalapeno pepper
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper


Chop up the onion and the pepper.
Mix together and boil in 2 quarts of water for about 20 min.
Let cool, and strain the water through a cheesecloth.

Using a garden sprayer, spray any area outside where wild animals or even neighborhood pets are being a nuisance.

This probably will not work for birds (birds do not have a sense of smell.)

This process may have to be carried out for a period of 2 weeks to ensure success.
This mixture is non-toxic and it will not harm any animal, but will succeed in keeping them away.

Phil’s note: This may not work for such critters as Rats because they have a very different sense of smell. They have been known to eat things that should be ignored by them because the smell was changed to something they do not eat in tests. They may ignore this.

Skunk Spray Neutralizer

developed by Paul Krebaum


One quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup of baking soda
one teaspoon of liquid soap


Apply it to the sprayed areas.
Wash off with tap water.
The solution must be mixed as needed. It can’t be contained in a bottle.

Skunk and Mammal Repellent

8 oz of Castor Oil
8 oz of any liquid dish soap
Mix well together then add to one gallon of water. spray your entire area. Keeps lots of critters away!

No promises on your in laws.

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