Trader Vic’s Fish House Punch.

Cough.. choke.

Ahem. While search through some of the boxes in storage.. Lord the dust… I have happened upon a bunch of cookbooks to add to that small stack of mine. I have no clue why the Other Half is not overjoyed. I mean really. They are cookbooks you know.

It was quite a let down. I came pounding down the steps with a bright cheery smile upon my face, a large pile of books in my hands and a “HONEY I FOUND SOME COOKBOOKS!” on my lips. The other half, seated in their wingback chair, reading their latest book, merely paused and looked at the pile, then looked at me, rolled their eyes and said “Oh Joy.”

Well… I turned looked in the kitchen at the cat who looked at me in the same manner. I think she may have added “You are Vegetarian. Like I am going to get any of the good stuff.” Hurhump.

Critics. The world is full of critics. If I were waggling an Apple Pie under that cat’s nose she wouldn’t be so bland.

I didn’t tell you? I have a cat who eats pie. Really.

Among them was my beloved Trader Vics. Joy joy. I loved Trader Vics. When I found this cookbook at a library sale in Pittsburgh of all places I was ecstatic. I haunt library sales for just this sort of thing. Joy! Hurrah! What do you mean “Oh?”

Since I did the post on the drunk brother in law, I think I need to at least give you a recipe for a punch that will help him get that way.

Trader Vic’s Fish House Punch.

3/4 pound sugar

1 quart fresh lemon juice

1 quart sparkling water

2 quarts Jamaica Rum

1 quart brandy

4 ounces peach brandy

Dissolve the sugar in a little water.

Add the remaining ingredients to a large punch bowl.

Add a 10 pound cake of ice. I told you a LARGE punch bowl right?

Let stand 2 hours before serving.

Stir occasionally.

Keep the brother in law away from it before serving and don’t send him to stir it.

Serves 20 to 25.

And stay away from Fireworks afterward.

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