Tech blurb

If you take a gander at the sidebar, you will notice that we have added a few things. A feed for the newest Recipezaar recipes. A bunch of links that let you add this site to various things such as a Newsreader, Google and a few others so you don’t have to show up to read this blog. It comes to you.Mind the doors

We also added a link which lets you get the post in your email if you so desire.

Oh and a photo of someone applying dairy products to his head.

I recommend this. Highly. It is wonderful on a hot day. There is an however. However, you will get strange looks in the dairy section of the store.

As I, ahem, mess around more shall be added.

I do need to note the new link to the De Gustibus cookbook does not include all the recipes right now. I will work on that. However as it stands now you will find 9 of them in easy cookbook form with nutritional stats and other tool goodies. Thanks to Recipezaar. Due to copyrights of others, some may not be added. In the future assume it has been added unless I note otherwise.


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