The heat is over and I will shortly post one last recipe for ‘hot week’

Coming attractions? Oh how doe Amish Shoo Fly pie sound? Do you know the difference between shoo fly pies? There is a black bottom and a cake like one. I’ll be posting the recipe for the cake like one.

I am behind today. I spent 7 hours attempting to get another host up and going to put this blog on. Why? Oh neat things like real counters that work.

Alas, for me.. The whole darn thing? It didn’t work. Alas, the 5 minute quick install? Ain’t. It’s the 7 hour “Why isn’t this working” Tomorrow is another day and Frankly Scarlett, I can always kill the darn thing. This is suppose to be fun not hair pulling. Now get off that fainting couch and let me lie down for a moment. I feel ill.


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