And back to corn on the cob

I love oils, I love fats. If you just tuned in you might find that interesting. If you have been reading, stop yawning ok? This is going somewhere.

Because of the other half’s heart we had to give them up. We follow the Ornish diet. Ok so I cheat. However most of the time we follow the Ornish Diet for Heart Disease reversal. It works. Why? Because two years ago they said that they couldn’t operate if we needed it. This June they said “We can now operate if we need to.” We also went from 285 cholesterol to 109. Not shabby. Not totally great. I would prefer 70s but hey… The Other Chris Johnson's photo click for moreHalf does linger over the gum [that’s a joke]. We haven’t really suffered and I will not discuss how much weight simply dropped off me.

I didn’t notice until I was standing at the stove cooking and I reached up to get something and my shorts fell off. Of their own accord. They simply dropped to the ground. Well..

So we eat low fat. Which means I look at a low fat everything. One of the sites is fatfree Vegan both on Yahoo and the blog. Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

So what does this have to do with the corn? Simple.

Pull the husk back. Apply the seasoning and pull the husk back up. Nuke.

Result? One very flavor full ear of corn. And yes you can do it with butter too if you really want to.

So the fat free corn on the cob seasoning suggestions are located here:

at the Fat free Vegan Kitchen corn on the cob

So after you get tired of the flavor of straight try seasoned.

So?  Eat already.

[throws self back on fainting couch and places bag of  ice back on head.]  Let me tell you Mary it has been one of those days.  I just posted the wrong draft on this.  Sort of fixed… [starts to moan and notices culprit called Other Half is no where in sight and the cat looks bored.]  I am so misunderstood.   [plops ice bag back on head and throws self down on couch.]

But the corn is good.


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