Suffering Succotash.. not exactly..

We HIT 90!.  Ok so we are lucky… IT was 100 down the road 17 mles.  Did I tell you I live in the big woods?  I didn’t?  I live in the big woods.. So for all of you… Suffering Succotash

more like Suffering Bastard. I told you when we hit 90 I would post this. Well guess what?

So have a Suffering Bastard along with me.

1 lime, juice of, see note
1 dash rock candy syrup
1 dash orgeat syrup
1 dash orange Curacao
1 ounce light rum
2 ounces dark rum

Fill glass with shaved ice.
Top with metal shaker and hand shake.
Decorate with lime shell [cut into spiral] and fresh mint.
Serve with a malt straw.

What!? You wanted a Succotash recipe.. Oh lord.. Go here ok but be warned it is no cooler.


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