She is almost ready for prime time: New Site

I need to work on the blog roll and a couple other things.  Coming along nicely if I must say so.  After all this I get to run around and change things on other sites to update them… Sigh.  I just love this part.

We are going to lose the lovely order of the blog roll. That is what I need to work on yet.  It has not been transported.  Nor has the ring link yet and a couple other things.  However I think the advantages we gain on this will outweigh the loss.  I will have improved stats counter.  Why is this important to you?  Well I can see what you are using.  No I can’t see who you are, just what you are using.  If you have your computer set for an 800 resolution and I am using 1100.. We have problems.  this way I know what is going on and can make the best choices for the audience we have to make your life a lot easier… and mine.

We also gain some other need stuff and coming up on the new site will be mobile blogging.  If you want to find that recipe on your cell phone so you can buy the ingredients you will be able to.

It’s not set up yet but it will be.  I regret leaving but it simply doesn’t allow me to do the best for you  or for me.  So if I have to pay for something, I am going to pay to give us both the best service I can.

We will be double posting for a while.

Note to my Feedburner users.  I am having problems transfering the account to the other.  I set up the new one as a new account.  You can go to to subscribe as of today.  I will keep working to see if I can get the old to transfer over nicely but after much screaming and a “WHAT THE DEVIL DO YOU MEAN I EAT BUTTERED TACOS WITHOUT FILLING?!??!!!!” [aka they sent me to the wrong feed for the wrong blog with a similar name.]  The offering a new feed for your use was simple and I can be sure I won’t accidently destroy your feed.


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