MOVED for the new year check the new site and all the recipes

De Gustibus is now located here.

OR here if the here link doesn’t work.

IF you have not been here in a long time, it is because I was having such problems with WordPress and posting new material.  I am not the worlds fastest typist but WordPress can’t keep up and unlike the new home at typepad, it messes up anything I can do on the net while waiting for it to load.  4 minutes is along time if it is 4 to 5 minutes with each action.  SO check out the new blog,  it works fine on my part.  It has mobile access among other stuff and a LOT of recipes like Rich old fashioned pumpkin pie [see that was way back in September I posted that]  Pork Apple pie and lots more.

So?  Like why are you still here?


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