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Jamaican Crow

You want me to drink WHAT? It’s pink. I mean it is PINK. I can’t sit on the street and drink that. Why you know what people would think? Oh. Well the mini skirt was only for charity purposes. Honestly and I don’t look that good in Fishnets. Besides they are sort of dated. Now […]

Voodoo Sunrise

Ok so the Yukon idea didn’t work but it did work on the boss. Someone want to see if he will come down from that tree yet? Anyhow we be back to sweating mate and the tropics. It’s hot enough that I swear it is Voodoo. So why not have some Voodoo Sunrises Kick back. […]

So, [wipes sweat] How do you feel about the Yukon?

This guy doesn’t have ice but it is fast and quick and just a tad mean. A few of these and you will be dancing around the house spraying sweat everwhere. Grab your shot glass honey.. Yukon Cornelius 1/4 ounce Goldschläger 2 ounces Yukon Jack Pour Yukon Jack into shot glass but leave enough room […]

Banana Republic

I adored Banana Republic back when you could actually find things that were interesting and off the wall. You know. When at the door of the store you might find an old jeep in a tropical setting. Before.. before.. the dreaded Yuppiedom hit. It was like the Last Mango in Paris. You can catch the […]

Suffering Succotash.. not exactly..

We HIT 90!.  Ok so we are lucky… IT was 100 down the road 17 mles.  Did I tell you I live in the big woods?  I didn’t?  I live in the big woods.. So for all of you… Suffering Succotash more like Suffering Bastard. I told you when we hit 90 I would post […]

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum

Take off the eye patch? But I thought it looked good. Oh.. ok. Lets see we are into the next day of heat and sweat and tropical dreams. Well if we have to put up with the heat we can have tropical.. sniff. Daydreams… sniff sniff.. Oh dear. from what is coming in the window […]


Hot.. HOT HOT.. Too hot. How about some drinks this week? When it tops our 90 mark here I’ll make you a suffering bastard… That’s a Trader Vic drink by the way. How about Mexico for a stop and something simple? Brave Bull from Trader Vic Use an old Fashioned and cracked ice to the […]