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Memo to self 2

Do not expect what you think is the sensor on the toaster oven to actually be the sensor. Next:  One chef’s knife will scrape 2 rolls in a few quick strokes. Finally:  A LOT of Mrs. Dash will hide a lot on burned toast. Advertisements

The Cheese Bread and a wonderful salad… Oh dear.

The cheese bread I told you that I would report to you about is done.  It was heavenly.  It vanished in less than 24 hours.  The crust was perfect soft and tender.  The flavor like a very good flavored pizza taste, not too strong nor to light.    I again omitted the fat.  No problem.  […]

Products that go well with that corn ear.

I know normally I don't blog more than once a week but there are exceptions. Considering I have sat down to a late noon meal of two very nicely done roasting ears, I felt it needful to blog about what I am having with them that makes it special besides the microwave method. Due to […]

Perfect Bread. And it only took 35 years.

I first tried baking bread when I was in my teens. Early teens in fact. That was when the frozen, thaw and let rise fresh baked bread was released. I had tried making it before and ended up with some lovely warheads for various nuclear weapons. How hard can this be? Let me tell you, […]