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It’s hot again today

Those lovely thunderstorms we had yesterday brought heat instead of cool. Not the way it is suppose to work. Sticky is the rule of the day. So why don’t you join me in another drink. I think Tropical is called for. Pull up a seat under this tree and lets watch the passerby melt into […]

Trader Vic’s Fish House Punch.

Cough.. choke. Ahem. While search through some of the boxes in storage.. Lord the dust… I have happened upon a bunch of cookbooks to add to that small stack of mine. I have no clue why the Other Half is not overjoyed. I mean really. They are cookbooks you know. It was quite a let […]

How to gain 7 pounds in one meal.

Leave it up to Disney to come up with a dish that if you eat the whole thing, you are not going to fit into that sexy outfit you love. And leave it up to Disney to make it taste good enough that you might not want to fit into the outfit. There is a […]

I am a cooking snob and Stevenson, JFK, Thant recipe

I have this thing for historical recipes. Part of that might be the fact I am a history nut period but the cooking always interested me. I have seen many who whine that all Gran left them was the ingredient list. Yep. Because Gram could cook. One did not own a cookbook unless one was […]