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Fresh Stawberries No Ka Oi

I was always on the hunt for Heath bars when I was a kid. I loved them. The buttery smooth taste was delightful. The only thing that kept me from weighing 900 pounds on them was the fact they were harder to find in the candy sections around town than certain people are in a […]


Actually this is a very simple recipe. First you get down on one knee… well after making sure that you are not standing in a mud puddle or something. Then you… Recipe? You want a recipe? Oh. Well it still is a very simple recipe for using Carambola. 6 large starfruit [carambola] 4 oranges 14 […]

Forget Pepsi and fake flavors, have the real thing: Strawberries and Cream Frappe

Few things are half as good as simple things. Like fresh cream or fresh certified farm milk from a cow that gives high fat milk. Certain cows are put in the field simply to raise the butterfat of the milk the others give. That is why you always see at least a redhead in a […]

Summer Ham Fruit Platter with dressing for a sticky day

I hate heat.. Well actually, I don’t hate heat, I hate humidity. I abhor humidity. Ever since I was in the Navy, I have done my best to avoid the stuff. Dry heat thank you. In 110 degree weather in San Diego, I would be energized and bouncing. Hot? It’s not hot. In a 75 […]

Fresh Ginger Cake With Blackberries & Lavender Whipped Cream

This simply sounded good and in the search for the perfect gingercake, it rates. However being in Central PA at this time of year, Fresh Blackberries are not easy to come by. When I was growing up, we would simply walk down the lane and pick huge pails of blackberries to bring home. It was […]