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Chilled Mexican Salsa Soup or the joys of a pinched nerve.

We all know the phrase that something or someone is a Pain in the …. However until you have a pinched Sciatic Nerve you have no clue what that really means. The past week has been a true joy. I cannot bend. I cannot stand, I cannot walk, I cannot sit, I cannot lay down. […]

Vine Ripened Stuffed Tomatoes

We have been told by the Other Half's heart doctor that the weight must come off.  While our Ornish Diet for heart disease reversal has lowered the cholesterol to 109, the weight has actually gone up by  20 pounds.  Everyone wonders how a person gains on a Vegetarian style diet.  Easily especially if they cheat […]

How to gain 7 pounds in one meal.

Leave it up to Disney to come up with a dish that if you eat the whole thing, you are not going to fit into that sexy outfit you love. And leave it up to Disney to make it taste good enough that you might not want to fit into the outfit. There is a […]