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Fresh Stawberries No Ka Oi

I was always on the hunt for Heath bars when I was a kid. I loved them. The buttery smooth taste was delightful. The only thing that kept me from weighing 900 pounds on them was the fact they were harder to find in the candy sections around town than certain people are in a […]


Actually this is a very simple recipe. First you get down on one knee… well after making sure that you are not standing in a mud puddle or something. Then you… Recipe? You want a recipe? Oh. Well it still is a very simple recipe for using Carambola. 6 large starfruit [carambola] 4 oranges 14 […]

The tale of a recipe..

Added note ah those blackberries that vanished before we got to the house? They are back. Recipe corrected. It was a bad night guys. I don’t know how I missed that. I don’t know how the other half missed that. Can I blame the cat? We ended up having to leave the house for a […]

The squirrel ate the shoo fly pie

Actually the flying squirrel ate the whole thing. Worst shock of my life. I come downstairs in the morning expecting my Shoo-fly pie to be there and there was no pie but a very full little flying squirrel. I had one piece. He had several. My first reaction was what a strange looking rat. Then […]

Me sis.. and she taught me all I know about drinking..

I mean and cooking with Alcohol which you make.. I mean I make or rather she makes.  Something like that… You know the Other Half is having a major obsession with Hedgerow Trifle. Now HOW did I do that… It made it’s own link somehow.  Oh I am not up to this today after the […]

Whoopie pies again.

This time with the more traditional Crisco in the pie and the filling. The other had the oil base but isn’t nearly as traditional. Pennsylvania Dutch Whoopie Pies

The heat wave broke and here’s the ice

The heat wave broke today. It started last night with a rousing thunderstorm. Today it is much needed rain. We almost made our week. I tucked the ice cream recipes aside and decided to give you some recipes for something that will also get those 2 fruits in a day. Cool off and meet those […]