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The tale of a recipe..

Added note ah those blackberries that vanished before we got to the house? They are back. Recipe corrected. It was a bad night guys. I don’t know how I missed that. I don’t know how the other half missed that. Can I blame the cat? We ended up having to leave the house for a […]

The Comets Hot Fudge Milk Shake

From Ruby Ann’s August recipes down in the trailer park. What? You thought it would all be healthy or something of this sort of this week? Ha. Man does not live by salad alone. The Dusty Comet’s Hot Fudge Milk Shake 4 scoops vanilla ice cream [1 scoop equals 1/2 cup] 1 1/2 cups milk […]

Brownie Point

Rarely do I run into a blog about food that draws me. Most are homemade endeavors leaving me saying silently to myself "That's nice dear." as one would say to a child making a wonderful effort. I ran into Brownie Points by accident. As you can see she has already rated three recipes simply because […]