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I never liked sweet corn but there is always the first time

I never liked it. Sweet corn was ok. The favor was alright but nothing to write home about. My grandfather always had about an acre. Corn on the cob. Canned corn. Frozen corn. But nothing to write home about. The very best part of the corn was the fact I could hide in the field. […]

Chilled Mexican Salsa Soup or the joys of a pinched nerve.

We all know the phrase that something or someone is a Pain in the …. However until you have a pinched Sciatic Nerve you have no clue what that really means. The past week has been a true joy. I cannot bend. I cannot stand, I cannot walk, I cannot sit, I cannot lay down. […]

I’m a Dutchman if not an Amishman

Well, among other things but my love of Pennsylvania Dutch cooking shows I am a Dutchman just like my ancestor who fought in the Revolution, Doctor John, was. Sweet and Sours, Ham Pot Pie, all this rich and full of more taste than those who claim, it is so bland, thinks. Poor souls. Never tried […]

The Ultimate Revenge on a Father In Law

When I was growing up we had the advent of the boxed macaroni and cheese. At age 8 this was a great novelty to me. I didn't have it at home when we lived with my Grandparents. Granny made everything from scratch and canned her own produce. And the woman could cook. Nothing she made […]


Comfort is in memories. Taste, smell, situations all evoke them. Comfort food arises out of the situation. It makes us feel better. It brings back a time when we were safe and secure, not the captains of our souls but merely the cabin boys dependent upon those captains we called adults. They would care for […]

Ancho Chile Sauce (Revisionist Mole): The Splendid Table Recipe Box

Ancho Chile Sauce (Revisionist Mole): The Splendid Table Recipe Box: "Mexican chocolate, made by grinding cocoa beans with sugar and often with cinnamon, almonds, and milk solids, is available at specialty food shops. * 6 dried ancho chiles * 5 garlic cloves, unpeeled * 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon * 1/4 teaspoon dried basil * 1/4 […]

Green Bean Casserole: The Splendid Table Recipe Box

I had purchased a lot of green beans. I had some sugar snaps. In trying to decide how to use them, I came across this recipe. I replaced the half and half with no fat and discovered the seasons do taste very well on greenbeans, It wasn’t bad as leftovers either. Served on a fresh […]