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The Ultimate Revenge on a Father In Law

When I was growing up we had the advent of the boxed macaroni and cheese. At age 8 this was a great novelty to me. I didn't have it at home when we lived with my Grandparents. Granny made everything from scratch and canned her own produce. And the woman could cook. Nothing she made […]

Green Bean Casserole: The Splendid Table Recipe Box

I had purchased a lot of green beans. I had some sugar snaps. In trying to decide how to use them, I came across this recipe. I replaced the half and half with no fat and discovered the seasons do taste very well on greenbeans, It wasn’t bad as leftovers either. Served on a fresh […]

I am a cooking snob and Stevenson, JFK, Thant recipe

I have this thing for historical recipes. Part of that might be the fact I am a history nut period but the cooking always interested me. I have seen many who whine that all Gran left them was the ingredient list. Yep. Because Gram could cook. One did not own a cookbook unless one was […]