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Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum

Take off the eye patch? But I thought it looked good. Oh.. ok. Lets see we are into the next day of heat and sweat and tropical dreams. Well if we have to put up with the heat we can have tropical.. sniff. Daydreams… sniff sniff.. Oh dear. from what is coming in the window […]


Hot.. HOT HOT.. Too hot. How about some drinks this week? When it tops our 90 mark here I’ll make you a suffering bastard… That’s a Trader Vic drink by the way. How about Mexico for a stop and something simple? Brave Bull from Trader Vic Use an old Fashioned and cracked ice to the […]

And this is what happens when That parrot has one too many

It’s still hot. What can I say. I’m sweating.  The parrot.. or ah parrots and the elephant [isnt’ he the cutest thing on that perch] are weating.. I mean sweating..  AWITER.. Another How about a Potted Parrot from Trader Vic’s Use a double old fashioned glass filled with shaved ice. 2 ounces orange juice 1 […]

Trader Vic’s Fish House Punch.

Cough.. choke. Ahem. While search through some of the boxes in storage.. Lord the dust… I have happened upon a bunch of cookbooks to add to that small stack of mine. I have no clue why the Other Half is not overjoyed. I mean really. They are cookbooks you know. It was quite a let […]