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Bengal Seafood Salad because man does not live by Potted Parrot alone

I have this thing about seafood salad. Actually I have this thing about seafood. My favorite place to eat was this old shack looking place in VA Beach called the Duck Inn. You stood in line. You shared tables with people you didn’t know. You watched the ships come in and the lights come on […]

Farmers markets Greens Salad from Gourmet back in 05

Oh this site just did the strangest thing again. I am beginning to think WordPress can be just as strange as Typepad and Blogger and let me tell you, they can be very strange. Now then, about that milkshake and those calories.. Yes, unless you plan on running around the house several time I am […]

Summer Ham Fruit Platter with dressing for a sticky day

I hate heat.. Well actually, I don’t hate heat, I hate humidity. I abhor humidity. Ever since I was in the Navy, I have done my best to avoid the stuff. Dry heat thank you. In 110 degree weather in San Diego, I would be energized and bouncing. Hot? It’s not hot. In a 75 […]