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I never liked sweet corn but there is always the first time

I never liked it. Sweet corn was ok. The favor was alright but nothing to write home about. My grandfather always had about an acre. Corn on the cob. Canned corn. Frozen corn. But nothing to write home about. The very best part of the corn was the fact I could hide in the field. […]

Memorial Day and 20 year old Chicken wings

Memorial Day isn’t jumping in the car and taking off for the weekend. It is not the start of summer or when the pool opens. Memorial day is firmly planted in my memory as a day where we honor the Dead and their sacrifices. It isn’t surprising considering how close we live to Boalsburg and […]

How to gain 7 pounds in one meal.

Leave it up to Disney to come up with a dish that if you eat the whole thing, you are not going to fit into that sexy outfit you love. And leave it up to Disney to make it taste good enough that you might not want to fit into the outfit. There is a […]

The Ultimate Revenge on a Father In Law

When I was growing up we had the advent of the boxed macaroni and cheese. At age 8 this was a great novelty to me. I didn't have it at home when we lived with my Grandparents. Granny made everything from scratch and canned her own produce. And the woman could cook. Nothing she made […]

Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two – Home Cooking

It's creeping up on us. That day. You know the one where love is in the air, where kind and caring thought take center, the desire to impress a loved on is foremost in our thoughts and the Turkey Buzzards are getting ready to come home If you are stumped like me you can always […]

And Real New Orleans King Cake

Per my favorite New Olreans Cook. Be sure to check out all his cooking pages if you visit. His photo btw. Well worth the visit just for the recipes and his blog looka isn't too shabby either. And he makes a mean cocktail btw. King Cake: "The King Cake tradition came to New Orleans with […]

And for the more Traditional

We can always try the French versions: Galette des Rois This recipe is for the northern-style pastry and almond cake. tag: cake, French cake, King cake, Almond, Almond pastry, Galette,