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Checks temp in gage outside.. Lets out scream.

Regains self and says “Ok how about a nice fruity Spinach salad al la tofu for supper?” It is hot. It is so hot not only has my sweat stayed around to make friends looking at the crockpot, microwave, toaster oven and even the blender is way too much work. It is hot. The community […]

Chocolate Silk Tofu Cream

When one finally learns to cook with ingredients, one gets hit with all sorts of questions out of the blue. The problem with our instant society is that we assume that we can pop it in the pot and cook away. We can't. First you have to know how to cook. Then you have to […]

Brownie Point

Rarely do I run into a blog about food that draws me. Most are homemade endeavors leaving me saying silently to myself "That's nice dear." as one would say to a child making a wonderful effort. I ran into Brownie Points by accident. As you can see she has already rated three recipes simply because […]