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And back to corn on the cob

I love oils, I love fats. If you just tuned in you might find that interesting. If you have been reading, stop yawning ok? This is going somewhere. Because of the other half’s heart we had to give them up. We follow the Ornish diet. Ok so I cheat. However most of the time we […]

Just Cauliflower in the microwave.. Just plain ok?

All I wanted was a simple microwave cauliflower recipe. No embellishment. Just cook the bloody thing right? So here I sit on the net. Cauliflower in the microwave. Cheese Sauce, veggies added, Garlic sauce every bloody combo under the sun and no how to simply cook a plain cauliflower in the nuker. I have plans […]

I never liked sweet corn but there is always the first time

I never liked it. Sweet corn was ok. The favor was alright but nothing to write home about. My grandfather always had about an acre. Corn on the cob. Canned corn. Frozen corn. But nothing to write home about. The very best part of the corn was the fact I could hide in the field. […]

Simple Pleasures

This just looks so good. I have a link on google to simply recipes. Worth checking out. No the photo isn’t mine. Do you really think I could take pictures that good? Now excuse me, I have to go do the dishes. Simply Recipes: Golden Beets and Brussels Sprouts Recipe