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And back to corn on the cob

I love oils, I love fats. If you just tuned in you might find that interesting. If you have been reading, stop yawning ok? This is going somewhere. Because of the other half’s heart we had to give them up. We follow the Ornish diet. Ok so I cheat. However most of the time we […]

Forget Pepsi and fake flavors, have the real thing: Strawberries and Cream Frappe

Few things are half as good as simple things. Like fresh cream or fresh certified farm milk from a cow that gives high fat milk. Certain cows are put in the field simply to raise the butterfat of the milk the others give. That is why you always see at least a redhead in a […]

Farmers markets Greens Salad from Gourmet back in 05

Oh this site just did the strangest thing again. I am beginning to think WordPress can be just as strange as Typepad and Blogger and let me tell you, they can be very strange. Now then, about that milkshake and those calories.. Yes, unless you plan on running around the house several time I am […]

Checks temp in gage outside.. Lets out scream.

Regains self and says “Ok how about a nice fruity Spinach salad al la tofu for supper?” It is hot. It is so hot not only has my sweat stayed around to make friends looking at the crockpot, microwave, toaster oven and even the blender is way too much work. It is hot. The community […]

Just Cauliflower in the microwave.. Just plain ok?

All I wanted was a simple microwave cauliflower recipe. No embellishment. Just cook the bloody thing right? So here I sit on the net. Cauliflower in the microwave. Cheese Sauce, veggies added, Garlic sauce every bloody combo under the sun and no how to simply cook a plain cauliflower in the nuker. I have plans […]

I never liked sweet corn but there is always the first time

I never liked it. Sweet corn was ok. The favor was alright but nothing to write home about. My grandfather always had about an acre. Corn on the cob. Canned corn. Frozen corn. But nothing to write home about. The very best part of the corn was the fact I could hide in the field. […]

Chilled Mexican Salsa Soup or the joys of a pinched nerve.

We all know the phrase that something or someone is a Pain in the …. However until you have a pinched Sciatic Nerve you have no clue what that really means. The past week has been a true joy. I cannot bend. I cannot stand, I cannot walk, I cannot sit, I cannot lay down. […]