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The Comets Hot Fudge Milk Shake

From Ruby Ann’s August recipes down in the trailer park. What? You thought it would all be healthy or something of this sort of this week? Ha. Man does not live by salad alone. The Dusty Comet’s Hot Fudge Milk Shake 4 scoops vanilla ice cream [1 scoop equals 1/2 cup] 1 1/2 cups milk […]

The Tuna Fish Incident and Pecan Chocolate Potato Cake

I will always have a bit of down home cooking in me. Now my mother would have denied this and she actually would have been correct. We didn’t cook this way. My Grandmother would have never created Dora Beaver’s Chocolate Potato Cake or Trailer Meat Snacks or Donna Sue’s Cheesy Hamburger Dish. Why the one […]